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D.O.A.: A Right of Passage (1980)

Alternative, Punk, Music, Documentary 1h 30m 1980

Centered around the Sex Pistols’ ill-fated ’78 American tour — which ended with the group infamously disbanding — this groundbreaking, iconic documentary captures punk’s incendiary origins.

This molotov cocktail of a rock doc (originally produced by High Times Magazine!) not only features this blistering Pistols footage, but also sweat-soaked, in-your-face performances by fellow giants X-Ray Spex, Generation X w/ Billy Idol, Sham 69 and the Dead Boys.

Director Lech Kowalski deftly weaves this raucous experience together with footage of edgy trends in the fashion capitals, punks of all shapes/sizes and silly naysaying from critics. Most notoriously, D.O.A. contains one of the final interviews recorded with Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen before their tragic deaths mere months later. This legendary sequence alone is a must-see for any fan of rock ’n roll history.

“A cacophonous and chaotic account of living inside a musical movement where lack of control was genuinely celebrated.” -


Lech Kowalski







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