Danger Freaks (1989)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 30m

A collection of bone-splintering, skin-scalding, death-defying stunt clips assembled by daredevil cinematic masterminds Grant Page and Brian Trenchard-Smith, the same pair of unchained maniacs who brought you STUNT ROCK, THE MAN FROM HONG KONG, DEATH CHEATERS and KUNG-FU KILLERS. A full 100 (count ‘em!) physically impossible stunts in just 90 minutes! Try all of this at home! (Note: Alamo On Demand is not responsible for any stunt work you attempt at home.)

_“…Shows off just how damn dangerous a lot of this stuff really was (and still is).” _- Rock! Shock! Pop!


Grant Page






Umbrella Entertainment

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