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Dark Star Presents: ROCK, PAPER, AND SCISSORS (2019)

Horror 1h 23m 2019

Jesus and Jose Maria are siblings living in a closed-off world constructed of strange games, bursts of violence, relentless madness, and of course, THE WIZARD OF OZ. When their half-sister Magdalena returns to Argentina from Spain to inquire about her share of their inheritance, their solution is to enmesh her in the weirdest family reunion of all time — a brilliant and bloody affair which may end in death for one or all.

Directors Macarena García Lenzi and Martín Blousson channel the high-camp hijinx of classic genre films like WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? to create a gory black comedy that sets itself apart with stunning performances, offbeat and razor-sharp humor, as well as a hysterical attitude toward violence.

Set almost entirely within the house of the trio’s recently deceased father, ROCK, PAPER, AND SCISSORS sees the three engage in emotional, mental, and physical warfare that will leave permanent scars. With visual cues constantly influenced by popular culture, including an unrelenting obsession with Oz, this Argentinian chamber piece lures you in from its first minute and keeps you laughing and squirming until its gore-soaked end.

Produced by genre stalwart Javier Diment, ROCK, PAPER, AND SCISSORS is the sort of directorial debut that genre lovers pray for, as sharp as a fang and as mean as a wolf. (EVRIM ERSOY)








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