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Day of the Animals

1h 39m Horror, Adventure, Cult, Exploitation 1977

The ultimate '70s exploitation/horror ragewar between man and beast!

A rabid, bloodthirsty entry in the post-JAWS low-budget animals-run-amok genre (with a tip of the hat to Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS), this noisy, violent thriller features the prophetic premise of a widening gap in the ozone layer (thanks to human indulgences in hairspray and other aerosol products) which unleashes brain-frying radiation and causes assorted woodland creatures to go for the throats of unsuspecting Sierra backpackers. As if that weren’t horrific enough, the poor kids are also placed in the position of defending themselves against a rampaging Leslie Nielsen (AIRPLANE; THE NAKED GUN)… who rips his shirt off to wrestle a bear to the death! Richard Jaeckel (MAKO THE JAWS OF DEATH), Andrew Stevens (NIGHT EYES) and perennial B-movie couple Christopher George and Lynda Day George round out the cast. _ “A highly entertaining nature-goes-wild thriller.” _- Fantastica


William Girdler




United States



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