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Dead Kids (1981)

Horror 1h 27m 1981

“One of the best horror movies you’ve never seen.” - Fangoria

In the peaceful town of Galesburg, Illinois, a brutal serial killer targets the local teenagers. As the bodies pile up, Sheriff John Brady (Michael Murphy) suspects the killer is connected with the high school’s Psychology department. There is something sinister about the school “research” program on behavioral control and Brady is determined to uncover the truth. But he better find the answers fast before his own son (Dan Shor) gets drawn into the strange experiments himself!

Co-Written by Oscar Winner Bill Condon (DREAMGIRLS; KINSEY), DEAD KIDS a.k.a. STRANGE BEHAVIOR is a frighteningly gory homage to 50’s “pulp” horror films. Also starring Louise Fletcher (ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST; BRAINSTORM), this cult classic is “interesting, suspenseful and quite witty” (TV Guide) and contains a haunting, beautiful score from Tangerine Dream.

“An infectiously fun hat-tip to the horror flicks of [the ‘50s”], with a deservedly legendary dance party sequence that reveals an ambition and thoughtfulness that transcends the film’s apparent genre.” - Metrograph


Michael Laughlin




Australia, United States



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