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Dead or Alive (1999)

Action, Crime, Science Fiction 1h 45m 1999

“A pivotal project in the development of Miike’s sensibility. For someone on his wild and amazingly dexterous wavelength, these films represent nirvana: a hit of pure aesthetic cocaine.” - Slant

“[Godard’s] BREATHLESS for a new century.” - Tom Mes, Midnight Eye

Beginning with an explosive, six-minute montage of sex, drugs and violence — and ending with a phallus-headed battle robot taking flight — Takashi Miike’s defining and unforgettable DEAD OR ALIVE trilogy (1999 - 2002) features many of the director’s most outrageous moments alongside some of his most dramatically moving scenes. Each of these three very distinct works stars popular duo Show Aikawa (a cross between Nic Cage and Chow Yun-Fat) and Riki Takeuchi.


Takashi Miike


Ichiro Ryu








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