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Death Cheaters (1976)

Action, Exploitation 1h 33m 1976

In this pre-STUNT ROCK Aussie action-packed spazzblast from exploitation powerlord Brian Trenchard-Smith, Steve and Rodney (real life daredevil legends Grant Page and John Hargreaves) are ex-Vietnam commandos who do stunt work for television. They’re hired by the government to raid the island stronghold of a Filipino racketeer and secure papers from his safe. The two men make the raid using hang-gliders, dune buggies, unnecessarily massive explosions and every other method of entertaining irresponsibility on Earth.

“The action starts at one second into the movie and doesn’t stop… in an escapade that is simply a wonderful joyride. Australian filmmakers haven’t had so much fun since — nor audiences.” - Urban CineFile






Umbrella Entertainment

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