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Death Spa

1h 28m Horror, Cult, Occult 1989

Cocaine, big hair and exercise machines that kill!

This movie proves that cocaine is good for everyone. The Star Body Health Spa is the first spa to be operated by a computer. But when the club’s patrons are attacked by a supernatural death-demon, it’s up to owner Michael, his psychic girlfriend Laura, Sgt. Stone (Rosalind Cash, TALES FROM THE HOOD) and personal trainer Marvin (Ken Foree, DAWN OF THE DEAD) to even the score! With gnarly exercise machine deaths, wall-to-wall synth-pop, and a gender-swapping ghost, DEATH SPA turns outrageous 1980s excess into an art form. This is the meeting point on a Venn diagram between A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, a workout video from Dimension X, and a neon-soaked slasher that Dario Argento never made. In the words of Sgt. Stone: “Fuck this computer shit!” (Joseph A. Ziemba)

_“A goofy, gory, unpretentious good time, and well worth checking out for any fan of ‘80s horror.” _- Film Monthly


Michael Fischa




United States



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