Death Warmed Up (1984)

  • Horror
  • 1h 18m

Three years before Peter Jackson’s BAD TASTE, a young New Zealand filmmaker sprayed international movie screens with brains, blood, and body fluids for the first splatter movie in Kiwi history! Director David Blyth (WOUND; GHOST BRIDE) launched his genre career with DEATH WARMED UP, a relentlessly graphic – and still-intense – story of mad doctors, nude teens, psychotic mutants, shotgun murders, power drill lobotomies, explosive action and punk attitude. Michael Hurst (HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS), Bruno Lawrence (THE QUIET EARTH) and Ian Watkin (DEAD ALIVE) star in this landmark gore thriller.

“Heavily influenced by music videos and the waning punk aesthetic of the early ‘80s, DEATH WARMED UP is a blood-soaked, ramshackle oddity with a dark, druggy aesthetic.” - Mondo Digital


David Blyth




New Zealand



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