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Deathgasm (2015)

Horror, Comedy 1h 26m 2015

Deathgasm. DEATHgasm. DEATHGASM (lower case is for wussies)

Full disclosure: I LOVE Jason Lei Howden’s love letter to early Peter Jackson. It has the same sort of scrappy feel as Jackson’s BAD TASTE (1987), complete with outrageous splatter effects, but with a super sweet central love story. And metal. Lots of metal.

When metalhead Brodie and his new bandmate Zakk unwittingly summon a demon called The Blind One during band practice, it isn’t long before all hell breaks loose in town – and it’s up to the pair to try and reverse the spell. Throw in super strong supporting character Medina and plenty of dumb townspeople to use as fodder for the demons and what you have is an absolutely rip-roaringly funny, gory as all hell splatter movie. It also features the best musical death by sex toys sequence ever seen in a film.

Lewd, crude, and full of heart, this a perfect film to see with a crowd.

(Spencer Hickman - Label Manager, Mondo / Death Waltz Recording Co.)




New Zealand

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