Deathship (1980)

  • Horror
  • 1h 31m

Academy Award winner George Kennedy (COOL HAND LUKE; THE NAKED GUN) stars with Richard Crenna, Nick Mancuso and Saul Rubinek in this terrifying tale of a possessed ship searching for new victims on the high seas! An ocean liner carrying vacationing passengers collides with a mysterious freighter. The handful of survivors seek refuge aboard the sinister freighter, which turns out to be possessed by the evil that once commanded it! The DEATHSHIP has a life of its own…. pray you are never rescued by the DEATHSHIP! Written by exploitation legend Jack Hill (COFFY; FOXY BROWN; SPIDER BABY; SWINGING CHEERLEADERS; BIG DOLL HOUSE).

“You’ve got all the ingredients here for a pulpy good time: a semi-celebrity cast; a supernatural high concept; a reasonable body count; and of course, an evil Nazi-spawned killer ship roaming the seas. How can you possibly resist?” - Mondo Digital


Jack Hill


Alvin Rakoff




United States


SGL Entertainment

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