Dirty Dancing (1987)

  • Romance, Music, Drama
  • 1h 40m

When DIRTY DANCING came out in 1987, it changed lives. Baby and Johnny showed the world the power of dance, the power of love, and most importantly, the power of a shirtless and swingin’ Patrick Swayze.

When Baby (Jennifer Grey, FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF) travels to the Catskills with her family, it feels like she’s got a pretty dull summer ahead of her. But there’s nothing dull about Johnny Castle (Swayze), a local dance instructor who moves like no one Baby’s ever seen before. Once they start dancing together, a spark is ignited that leads to one of the greatest on-screen romances of all time.

This film set the standard not only for dance movies but for romance in general – and 30 years later, we still dream of nailing that lift.


Emile Ardolino





Bonus Content

30 mins
Alamo Preshow Experience - DIRTY DANCING

An Alamo-style preshow with assorted clips and trailers.

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