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Django (1966)

Western, Cult 1h 31m 1966

“One of the greatest of all Spaghetti Westerns.” - Jeffrey M. Anderson, San Francisco Examiner

With an addictively catchy theme song, this definitive spaghetti western by Sergio Corbucci (THE GREAT SILENCE; COMPAÑEROS) made an international star out of Franco Nero and officially ushered in the subgenre alongside Leone’s “Man With No Name” Trilogy. DJANGO’s brand of bleak nihilism would be repeatedly emulated in a raft of over fifty unofficial sequels, not even including a certain recent Tarantino film.

Nero gives a career-defining performance as Django, a mysterious, charming loner who arrives at a mud-drenched ghost town on the Mexico-US border, ominously dragging a coffin behind him…


Sergio Corbucci








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