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Doris Wishman Directs A Music Video (2020)

Documentary, Alamo On Demand Exclusive 25m 2020

Alamo on Demand Exclusive!

When buying a marital aid at an adult emporium, Tom Smith unexpectedly discovers legendary exploitation filmmaker Doris Wishman working behind the counter and their unexpected adventure begins. This short film and amazing tale Rodney Ascher (ROOM 237) about a late-career creative effort by Doris Wishman has never been published until now. Included as bonus material is the final music video referenced in the title, finally edited some 20 years after it was shot.

The American Genre Film Archive is currently hard at work scanning and restoring Doris’s filmography and will be partnering with Arrow to release the films later this year, so consider this a teaser to this legendary filmmaker’s work.

It is worth noting is that back in 1997, Doris Wishman was the Alamo’s first EVER celebrity guest. She presented a triple bill: the theatrical debut of her (at the time) newly restored Bad Girls Go To Hell, Double Agent 73 and Nude on the Moon. And to be honest, in 23 years we’ve never surpassed that initial high-water mark. Doris Wishman was… the best. (Tim League)


Rodney Ascher





Bonus Content

The Plot That Failed Music Video

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