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Dream Crush Super Secret Slumber Party

1h 30m Comedy 1984

Prepare to GUSH about your CRUSH! with Found Footage Fest co-founder Nick Prueher and friends at a very secret virtual slumber party Watch Party. 3/4

Prepare to GUSH about your CRUSH!

Found Footage Fest co-founder Nick Prueher and friends host a live SUPER SECRET Watch Party at this virtual slumber party! March 4th, 8 pm CT!


Buy your ticket now and meet us in our Virtual Scener Theater at 8:00 pm CT 03.04.2021. To watch, you must join us in the Scener Theater, details below

To Celebrate the release of Mondo’s game Dream Crush we are getting a rowdy group of adults together in children’s pajamas to have some good old fashioned movie-watching, slumber-party-game-playing, eat-candy-until-your-teeth-fall-out FUN! Come watch a surprise movie with Nick Prueher and friends, learn how to play the new game, and even win prizes. What movie will be playing? IT’S A SECRET!!! If we told you, WE WOULD HAVE TO TAKE YOUR RETAINER!

You won’t be disappointed!

powered by ScenerHow the “Virtual Theater” works:

  1. To buy your ticket, click the “Rent $9.99” yellow button above.

  2. Go to in your Chrome browser and follow directions to “Get Scener” and add the Scener extension

  3. You will get an email before the show inviting you to Our Virtual Alamo Drafthouse Theater at 8:00 pm CT/6 pm PT on 03.04.2021. Click “Join Party” to jump into the theater.

The Game

dream crush

Look into your heart and choose your favorite Crush, then guess who your friends are crushing on in this totally timeless fantasy dating game! Uncover sweet and strange secrets about prospective Crushes while navigating hilarious relationship milestones that will leave your feelings reeling as you play. Only by correctly predicting who makes your friends swoon will you live happily ever after with your own Dream Crush!





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