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Dreamscape (1984)

Cult, Science Fiction, Action, Horror 1h 39m 1984

_“A bold mix of horror, action, and comedy, and a very fun experience.” - _Cinema Crazed

POLTERGEIST and ALTERED STATES ushered in a sick substrain of ‘80s nightmares, including this idiosyncratic SFX-laden rollercoaster.

A psychedelic horror-thriller for the Spielberg Age, DREAMSCAPE’s charismatic lineup of Dennis Quaid, Kate Capshaw, Max Von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, CHEERS’ George Wendt and even TWIN PEAKS’ David Michael Kelly bonds strong with Joe Dante-adjacent shocks and a dude who morphs into a snake.

Quaid’s a devil-may-care psychic(!!) with the superhero ability to infest a person’s dreams; cue vile villains, tender romance and overbaked visual style you can’t unsee. Drink some beers with this!


Joseph Ruben


Chuck Russell


Joseph Ruben






Shout! Factory

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