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Dress Rehearsal

18m Documentary 2020

When the coronavirus shut down Wisconsin 26 days before a crucial election, organizers across the state pivoted to online organizing to engage voters.


Our old pal and local Austin documentary filmmaker David Modigliani (CRAWFORD, RUNNING WITH BETO) captured history this spring by heading to Wisconsin to document the first major election to happen amidst the pandemic shutdown.

The national news coverage of election day highlighted chaos and frustration. As poll workers dropped out across the state, Milwaukee, for example, cut its voting locations down from 180 to just 5, resulting in day-long waits. DRESS REHEARSAL captures voter suppression in action, but also digs beneath the surface to feature innovative organizers and determined voters, revealing a story of optimism, perseverance and hope – messages we could all use more of during these strange times. The film also serves as an important primer on grassroots, online, relationship-based organizing techniques that are mounting nationwide in advance of the November election.




David Modigliani




United States


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