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Drug Stories

1h 20m Anthology, Comedy, Cult, Dark Humor, Documentary, Educational, Drugs, History, Mixtape, Reality 2018

Narcotic nightmares from the vaults of Something Weird Video!

What’s the best way to prevent young people from destroying their lives in a downward spiral of drug-fueled jubilation? Obviously, the answer is sentient LSD tabs, spiders on speed and an ex-junkie named Florrie Fisher ( the real-life inspiration for Amy Sedaris’s Jerri Blank character on STRANGERS WITH CANDY) berating them into submission. THE SCARE FILM ARCHIVES VOLUME 1: DRUG STORIES! collects the best-of-the-best educational drug-scare films from the twentieth century. Lovingly curated from Something Weird’s vaults, AGFA and Someting Weird are thrilled to present 2K preservations of these bad trips, bummers and flip-outs, all from original 16mm prints that were inflicted upon children in classrooms across the country.





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