Edmond (2005)

  • Drama, Thriller
  • 1h 22m

“This is a small film with a big payback, like a series of tableaux that illustrate how a mildmannered Mr Everyman can become viciously untamed.” - London Evening Standard

“EDMOND is beyond black comedy, it’s a comedy in almost total stygian darkness. A comedy where the laughs make you cough up razor blades.” - PopMatters

Seemingly mild-mannered businessman Edmond Burke (William H. Macy) visits a fortuneteller and hears a remark that spurs him to leave his wife abruptly and seek what is missing from his life. Edmond’s encounters with strangers and unsavory people weaken the barriers encompassing his long-suppressed rage, until Edmond explodes in violence.

A Fantastic Fest selection from beloved genre director Stuart Gordon (RE-ANIMATOR; FROM BEYOND) and award-winning writer David Mamet (HOUSE OF GAMES; GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS)


Stuart Gordon


David Mamet





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