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EIT! Does the Hip-Hop

50m Cult, Music 2013

Can we B real 4 a second? EIT is doing the Hip-Hop.

To prove they’re still “with it” and “urban,” Everything is Terrible! has taken the entire history of co-opted cool, and bashed it together into one continuous mix that will not only please your earballs, but also your eyelobes. Can we B real 4 a second? Everyone knows rap music is best when performed by white people promoting reasonably-priced hammed-burgers. So doesn’t it make sense to witness and celebrate the REAL birth of hip-hop? You know, the one involving child actors rappin’ ‘bout stamps, and claymation doughboys spittin’ rhymes ‘bout crescent rolls! And you’d never in a billion years think old ladies can rap — BUT THEY TOTALLY CAN! After EIT! DOES THE HIP-HOP!, you’ll never need to listen to music again! For various reasons! And it don’t stop! Word!







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