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Enter the Game of Death

1h 30m Brucesploitation 1978

Fake Bruce battles a Shaolin monk, a snake-wielder, a nunchaku master, a possessed demon and more to save the free world from the Japanese during WWII

Not only does it lift the title and the jumpsuit from the original Brucesploitation film GAME OF DEATH (Bruce died during production of GAME OF DEATH and the film was completed with still images, backs of heads, a Bruce Lee imitator and the prolonged and inappropriate donning of a full-face motorcycle helmet) but it also rehashes the plot.

A mysterious document with magical powers is protected at the top of the “Tower of Death.” The Japanese want that document, and they want it bad. In some inexplicable way, it may be the key to their victory in World War II.

Through a rather convoluted setup including many fights, two of which with ENTER THE DRAGON co-star Bolo Yeung, fake Bruce hatches a plan with a female Chinese spy to retrieve the document before the Japanese can get their hands on it.

The problem is that each floor is guarded by a different martial artist and Bruce will need to destroy them all to complete the plan. Only after defeating a monk, a snake-wielder, a nunchaku master, a possessed demon, a Shaolin master and a not-quite-as-tall-as-Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar “brute” will Bruce be able to save the day. Brute is played by Steve James, seven years before he stole our hearts and minds as Corporal Curtis Jackson in American Ninja.

ENTER THE GAME OF DEATH was directed by king of Brucesploitation Joseph Velasco (with over 14 fake Bruce films including the legendary CLONES OF BRUCE LEE) and veteran martial arts choreographer Kuo-Hsiang Lin. Both familiar and very, very alien at the same time, ENTER THE GAME OF DEATH is regarded as one of the better films of the genre and is critically rated hired than the original GAME OF DEATH (for what that is worth…).


Kuo-Hsiang Lin


Joseph Velasco


Hong Kong, USA


All Channel Films

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