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Fantastic Shorts

2h 0m Shorts 2020

A celebration of some of the year’s most fantastic short film offerings, spanning a myriad of genres and sensibilities.

Blocks Dir. Bridget Moloney, USA Forbidden to See Us Scream in Tehran Dir. Farbod Ardebili, Iran/USA, World Premiere **I Love Your Guts **Dir. David Janove, USA, Texas Premiere Jack and Jo Don’t Want Die Dir. Kantú Lentz, USA, Texas Premiere Please Hold Dir. KD Davila, USA, World Premiere Solution For Sadness Dir. Marc Martínez Jordán & Tuixén Benet Cosculluela, Spain, World Premiere (You’ll Make It In) Florida Dir. Phil Chernyak, USA, Texas Premiere



Bonus Content

Preshow and bumpers


Classic Alamo preshow, FF logo, bumpers, classic Don’t Talk, Alamo-at-Home Quiet Zone

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