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Fist of Fury 2

1h 44m Kung Fu 1977

Picking up where the first left off, Bruce Li visiting the grave of his brother (Bruce Lee), is provoked by the Japanese. The should have known better

Chen Zhen, Bruce Lee’s iconic, revenge-fueled, ass-kicking legendary role from the original FIST OF FURY (AKA THE BIG BOSS, AKA THE CHINESE CONNECTION) spawned a mini-franchise within the Brucesploitation genre.

Although the ending of Bruce Lee’s classic is somewhat vague, FIST OF FURY 2 assumes Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) was murdered by firing squad. After this execution, the Japanese justifiably feared that he would be perceived as a martyr and his death would unite all Chinese kung fu schools against them.

The Japanese thus give orders to Miyamoto (Lo Lieh), the head of the nearby Karate Dojo, to close all kung fu schools including Chen Zhen’s Jingwu academy. When the Jingwu students and teachers refuse, they are badly beat up and the school destroyed.

Meanwhile, Chen Shan (Bruce Li), Chen Zhen’s brother, is in town to mourn at the fresh grave. When he hears of the unwarranted aggression, he performs his honor-bound duty, laying waste to Lo Lieh and the Japanese in extended, and quite wonderful kung fu fights for the remainder of the film.

Directed by a powerful trio of directors Jimmy Shaw (RETURN OF THE TIGER,THE FEARLESS YOUNG BOXER),Lee Tso-Nam (THE TATTOO CONNECTION,THE LEG FIGTHERS),and Iksan Lahardi (MYSTERY IN HONGKONG,THE STEEL FISTED DRAGON), FIST OF FURY 2 is a worthy sequel with great action sequences featuring two legends of the genre, Bruce Li and Lo Leih.


Jimmy Shaw


Lee Tso-Nam


Iksan Lahardi


Hong Kong


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