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Fist of Fury III

1h 31m Kung Fu 1979

The Japanese just will not give up terroroizing the Chen family! Bruce Lee, now for the second time Bruce Li balances the scales.

“When my brother died, mom cried her eyes out. That’s why she’s blind now.”

Fresh from returning home after avenging the death of his brother Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee, who is definitely not in this movie) in Fist of Fury II, Chen Shen (Bruce Li) and his family begin to be terrorized by the Japanese all over again, this time in their own hometown. His brother is beaten up, his mother’s business is vandalized, and this after she’s literally cried herself blind mourning the death of her son. There’s really nothing left for Bruce Li to do but kick ass and take names. Again. And kick ass he does. The final 25 minutes features a truly epic, beautiful kung fu showdown.


Bruce Li


To Lo Po


English (dubbed)


Hong Kong


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