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Flash Point (2007)

Action, Martial Arts 1h 28m 2007

“Those with a taste for bone-crushing martial arts executed with real skill and flair are not likely to find anything better…” - Film Journal International

The creators of KILL ZONE take action to the next level with a breakthrough combination of hard-hitting mixed martial arts battles and nail-biting tension. Kung fu legend Donnie Yen (HERO, SEVEN SWORDS, IP MAN) returns as the police force’s most dangerous detective, building a case against a vicious trio of drug smuggling brothers. When evidence is destroyed and witnesses are murdered, he takes the fight directly to his enemies – no holds barred. Climaxing with a spectacular 16-min bone-crunching showdown.


Yip Wai-Shun


Cantonese, English, Vietnamese




Hong Kong, China


Well Go USA

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