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Flickering Lights

1h 49m Action, Comedy, Crime 2000

Anders Thomas Jensen teams up with Mads Mikkelsen. Four gangsters want to settle down and open a restaurant, but it isn't easy to leave the game.

FLICKERING LIGHTS is part of our ongoing spotlight on amazing Danish Cinema. Click here for the complete roster of this month’s spotlight on Danish crime films as well as a host of other films.

We adore the movies of Anders Thomas Jensen. Quirky, unexpected and filled with surprises and pure delight. Jensen is one of the most prolific screenwriters in Denmark and has relatively recently been scribing some strong projects in the United States.

But we love him most when he is also behind the camera shooting his unique stories. We love him even more when he has his muse Mads Mikkelsen playing a very broken human being that somehow, despite his litany of reprehensible flaws, you just want him to catch a break.

About the film: Torkild (Soren Pilmark) is the leader of a band of small-time criminals (regular Jensen collaborators Mads Mikkelsen, Ulrich Thomsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas). Having just celebrated his 40th birthday (which coincided with his being dumped by his girlfriend), Torkild is looking to land a big score so he can retire to the country. But it turns out that it isn’t quite so easy to leave the game.









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