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Foes (1977)

Science Fiction, Horror 1h 30m 1977

_“Makes a strong impression through its melancholy atmosphere and sense of lingering doom… a strangely haunting little film, particularly when it occasionally turns into a hallucinatory light show…” _- Mondo Digital

Close Encounters of the UNKIND.

A military team traces a UFO to a small island off the coast of California. Cut off by a wall of magnetic energy, the team is forced to helplessly stand by as a lighthouse keeper and his wife become the first human beings to engage a deadly, inhospitable alien form of life. Trapped on the island as night falls, two divers on a weekend vacation search for an answer to the inexplicable events, only to ultimately come face-to-face with terrifying, unfathomable creatures of swirling light that are mankind’s implacable FOES.

Boasting intriguing, first-rate special effects on a limited budget, and maximizing the use of its stark, remote island setting, John Coats’ 1977 science-fiction thriller, previously thought to be lost, depicts a close encounter of a very different kind. Never before available in the US, Garagehouse Pictures is proud to present the streaming debut of FOES on Alamo On Demand!


John Coats






Garagehouse Pictures

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