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Found Footage Festival: After Dark (2019)

VHS, Strange, Comedy 1h 12m 2019

Big news for perverts! FOUND FOOTAGE FILM FESTIVAL AFTER DARK features some of the naughtiest, most unsettling footage Nick and Joe have turned up in their 30 years of collecting, Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, this is a show we hope our parents don’t see. You, however, are welcome to give it a whirl!

FEATURING: - The hype video for a hunky tag team wrestling duo from Memphis called The Fabulous Ones - A fitness program featuring Angela Lansbury in a bubble bath - The foul-mouthed outtakes of Winnebago pitch man Jack Rebney - A young Arnold Schwarzenegger seductively feeding a woman a carrot in a 1984 travel video for Rio de Janeiro




Joe Pickett


Nick Prueher




United States


Found Footage Festival

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