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Found Footage Festival: Cherished Gems (2018)

VHS, Strange, Comedy 1h 20m 2018

From nose-picking news anchors to piano-playing rabbits, from accident-prone factory workers to speedo-wearing dancers, from rentable friends to butt campers, this sparking collection of Found Footage Festival’s most cherished VHS finds has it all! Recorded live at Music Box Theatre in Chicago.

Plus, enjoy new where-are-they-now updates on these unsung heroes of the videotape era and exclusive footage from Joe and Nick’s courtroom depositions for the Chop & Steele lawsuit.

FEATURING: Magical Rainbow Sponge • North Dakota News Bloopers • Exercise Video Montage • Harvey Sid Fisher • Public Access Montage • Chic-A-Go-Go • Special Delivery • The Best of Federated Mutual • VHS Cover Slideshow • Guy Stuff • Rent-A-Friend • Dancing With Frank Pacholski • Kenny Strasser • Chef Keith • Chop & Steele • How To Have Cybersex On The Internet • Petpourri • Shake Hands With Danger • Sex Education For Trainables




Nick Prueher


Joe Pickett






Found Footage Festival

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