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Found Footage Festival: Strange Men

1h 5m VHS, Strange, Comedy 2018

Hand-picked deep cuts from the Found Footage Festival archives

Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (The Colbert Report) are proud to present a new series called Buried Treasures, a guided tour through the VHS finds they’ve deemed too weird to include in their live show along with hand-picked deep cuts from the Found Footage Festival archives. This first volume, STRANGE MEN, includes dozens of video clips, each with a strange man doing a strange thing. One man jumps around his living room. Another man interviews cheerleaders. There’s even a man with a ponytail! There are so many strange men crammed in this collection, you’ll think you’re at an O.T.B.




Nick Prueher


Joe Pickett






Found Footage Festival

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