Found Footage Festival: Volume 9 (2019)

  • VHS, Strange, Comedy
  • 1h 25m

The FFF celebrates its 15th anniversary with an all-new melange of delightfully awkward VHS footage salvaged from thrift stores by hosts Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher. Regional pre-teen beauty pageants, big-budget Vietnamese karaoke videos, altar boy training tapes, a home movie labelled “bonion sergery,” and Pudgie Wudgie the Wondercat all get their place in the sun. Plus, for the first time, Joe and Nick tell the definitive story behind their local morning news prank journey, including the humiliating footage from their legal depositions after getting sued in federal court. It’s a cringe-worthy celebration you won’t want to miss. Alright, we gotta go. Recorded live at The North Door in Austin, TX.

FEATURING: Miss Junior America Wisconsin 1988 • Martin Carlton Stunt Special • Home Movies • “Jeff’s Bird’s” • Karaoke Videos • Baby Rapper • Public Access • -Ercise Montage • Church Training Videos • The Human Body • “Bonion Sergery” • Mr. TSW 1982 Beauty Pageant for Men • Never-before-seen footage from the K-Strass, Chef Keith, and Chop & Steele new pranks • The Worst of Depositions

BONUS FOOTAGE: The Chicago Party • Balloonfest • How To Meet Women In St. Louis, and more!




Joe Pickett


Nick Prueher




United States


Found Footage Festival

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