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Fulci For Fake

1h 30m Documentary, Drama, Horror, Cult 2019

To prep for a biopic role as "godfather of gore" Lucio Fulci, actor Nicola Nocella interviews those who know him, his daughters, and collaborators.

“A strange, moving portrait of a horror maestro.” - Kyle Anderson, Nerdist

From acclaimed documentary filmmaker Simone Scafidi (EVA BRAUN) comes a striking and unexpectedly personal look at one of cinema’s most celebrated and enigmatic personalities. Framed by an extraordinary narrative device in which a young actor is tasked with bringing legendary filmmaker Lucio Fulci to life in a film about his dying years, FULCI FOR FAKE stakes its claim as a work of art in its own right—a work that Fulci himself would have applauded for sheer audacity and vision.

Both a primer to a unique and lasting cinematic legacy and a love letter to the legion of adoring Fulci fans who still keep his memory alive, this is a motion picture of raw and undeniable power, combining the tropes of “talking head” docs with a feeling of truth and obsession. You will know the passion and frustrations of Fulci’s work. You will feel the deep humanity of his family and closest friends. And all the while, his ghost walks just ahead of us, a mythical specter teasing glimpses of the true man who lived behind the curtain. Like Orson Welles, whom the film’s title fearlessly invokes, Fulci was misunderstood in his day and died penniless, after a celebrated and often controversial lifetime in the cinema. Come and experience that lifetime as never before, in a film like no other in the pantheon of documentary cinema.

“For fans of Fulci, it’s essential viewing.” - Patrick Bromley, Daily Dead


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