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Gandu (2010)

Drama, Music 1h 26m 2010

“It is hard not to be excited by this fiercely idiosyncratic approach to protest filmmaking… GANDU gleefully tramples all expectations of Indian culture.” - Film4

As much of an anti-Bollywood film as one could imagine, revolutionary filmmaker Q’s GANDU (Hindi slang for asshole) is a deliriously frantic, music-infused look at one poor young man and his dreams of becoming a rap star. Excitable Gandu lives in Kolkata. Poor, he survives by stealing spare change from his mother’s sleazy lover. Gandu’s lives to a rapper, and finds a comrade-in-song with another young man, the Bruce Lee-loving Rickshaw. Together they sing, drink, do drugs, wander the city and collectively dream of success. When Gandu wins big in the lottery all his dreams seem to come true. Or do they?

Told in fragmented scenes with pulsating music, the film is surreal, wild, weird, unpredictable, and sexually graphic, GANDU is a startlingly bold and wildly entertaining example of new Indian filmmaking, and is ironically banned in India.











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