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God Told Me To (1976)

Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Exploitation, Cult 1h 31m 1976

From enormous flying snakebirds (Q THE WINGED SERPENT) to wee flesh-ripping infants (IT’S ALIVE), writer / director / exploitation megamaster Larry Cohen was responsible for some of the most pulse-pounding, bone-crushing entertainment of the 20th century. And among all of his trailblazing creative work, GOD TOLD ME TO reigns supreme as his most unique and bizarre drive-in masterpiece.

Tony Lo Bianco (THE FRENCH CONNECTION; THE HONEYMOON KILLERS) stars as a New York cop thrust investigating an increasing number of bizarre murders, where seemingly normal people — including Andy Kaufman! — suddenly annihilate their fellow man, leaving behind only one reason: “God told me to…” Uncovering the reality behind the killings will thrust him against truths greater than the mysteries of the universe.

An exploitation / horror / sci-fi / action rampage unlike anything else on the big or small screen, GOD TOLD ME TO co-stars Mike Kellin (SLEEPAWAY CAMP; FREEBIE & THE BEAN), Sandy Dennis (WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF; 976-EVIL), and the ever-amazing Richard Lynch (SCARECROW; BAD DREAMS).

“Hugely entertaining!” - TV Guide


Larry Cohen


Larry Cohen




United States


Blue Underground

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