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Grand Piano

1h 30m Drama, Mystery, Music 2013

Elijah Wood and John Cusack star in this Damien Chazelle-penned thriller about a renowned concert pianist's final high stakes performance

Fantastic Fest 2013 Official Selection

Taking a page out of the book of incredible film history feats like HIGH NOON, the bulk of the movie takes place in near-real time over the course of a high stakes classical music concert. A renowned concert pianist (Elijah Wood) makes his long-awaited return to performing after being stricken with stage fright five years ago. Lured by the chance to honor his long-time instructor in a program showcasing some of his hardest works, the reluctant musician accepts the concert, knowing full on that it means tackling an infamous “unplayable piece.” The lights go down and the concert begins with a few warm up selections, but something strange is happening on stage. As the pages of the score sheet are turned, text begins to appear, defining a very clear threat – “Play a wrong note and you die.”

Completely owning the lunacy of the film’s plot, director Eugenio Mira directs his third feature with incredible cinematic flair. Borrowing from a great bevy of film references belonging to everyone from Hitchcock to Polanski, and working from a script by Damien Chazelle (WHIPLASH, LA LA LAND), Mira provides a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat visual feast of pure popcorn entertainment.


Eugenio Mira






Magnolia Pictures

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