Grizzly (1976)

  • Horror, Exploitation
  • 1h 31m

“The movie succeeds by alternating between adorable shots of the bear standing upright… and less adorable shots of him bashing heads between tree trunks.” — KinderTrauma

Do not miss “18-feet of gut-crunching, man-eating TERROR!” Ill-fated director William Girdler (THE MANITOU; ABBY) truly established himself in the PG horror arena with this achievement that would be widely considered his artistic pinnacle: GRIZZLY. An indestructible, two-story-tall grizzly bear has realized that human beef beats the hell out of nuts and berries, and it’s up to Ranger Mike (Christopher George, GATES OF HELL) and hotheaded gunman Don (Andrew Prine, SIMON - KING OF THE WITCHES) to bring the carnivorous menace to its hairy knees. But when a couple dozen drunk-ass hunters enter the forest on a suicide mission to nail the beast… count on a tidal wave of pine-scented bloodshed. There’s no disputing it: GRIZZLY is the third most upsetting PG movie ever made!


William Girdler




United States



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