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Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)

Action, Cult 1h 40m 1987

“Imagine James Bond directed by Russ Meyer. HARD TICKET continues Andy and Arlene Sidaris’ subversion of standard gender roles, with women depicted as strong, resourceful and brave. Their strength is depicted as simply human.” – NOTCOMING.COM

This HD version is created from a brand-new 4K restoration from AGFA!

Bullets! Bikinis!! Bazookas!!! Radioactive pythons exploding out of toilets!!!! No film captures the playful chaos of action cinema’s Golden Age like director Andy and producer Arlene Sidaris’ undisputed masterpiece. An inexhaustible geyser of top-notch sex and violence, HARD TICKET TO HAWAII exists beyond entertainment’s maximum limits. The Agency is a tough-as-nails, tech-savvy squad of physically ideal humans (led by Playboy icon Dona Speir and “Bold and the Beautiful” soap legend Ronn Moss) who defend Hawaii’s Molokai Island from diamond smugglers, narcotics slingers, and a skateboarding maniac armed with an inflatable sex doll. Tirelessly and shirtlessly, they deal out homicidal justice at every turn – unleashing helicopters, motorcycles and deadly frisbees to ensure the safety of every bronzed boytoy and babe on the beach! If you see only two movies in your lifetime, it should be because you watched this twice.


Andy Sidaris


Arlene Sidaris






Malibu Bay Films

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