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Headhunters (2011)

Thriller, Action 1h 36m 2011

Fantastic Fest 2011 official Selection

Based on the best-selling novel by Jo Nesbø and helmed by Oscar-nominated director Morten Tyldum (THE IMITATION GAME), this violent, twisty, and insanely fun Norwegian thriller is packed to the brim with nail-biting set pieces and surprising plot revelations.

HEADHUNTERS stars the talented Aksel Hennie (MAX MANUS) as Roger, a charming scoundrel and Norway’s most accomplished headhunter. Roger is living a life of luxury well beyond his means, and stealing art to subsidize his expensive lifestyle. When his beautiful gallery owner wife introduces him to a former mercenary (Games of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in the possession of an extremely valuable painting, he decides to risk it all to get his hands on it, and in doing so discovers something which makes him a hunted man.


Morten Tyldum


Ulf Ryberg


Lars Gudmestad


Jo Nesbø


Norwegian, Danish, Russian, English




Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany


Magnolia Pictures

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