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1h 53m Thriller 2015

A corrupt London cop (Peter Ferdinando) tries to shut down an Albanian crime ring before his own illegal activities are discovered.

For London drug squad cop Michael Logan (Peter Ferdinando) and his fellow officers, corruption is a way of life. They aren’t above sharing in the spoils from their violent raids and taking a cut from the criminals they’re charged with taking down. Drifting coke-addled through London’s neon-soaked underground nightlife, Michael’s grip on the local drug trade is compromised when the Turkish smuggling ring with whom he had been doing business is violently overtaken by a ruthless Albanian gang, and he is forced to sell out his former allies to get in with the new players in town.

With an internal affairs corruption investigation looming he must maintain the appearance of upholding the law and prevent his dangerous new associates from discovering his true intentions in order to survive. Set to a pulsating new wave synth score by British band The The and anchored by a gutsy lead performance by Ferdinando, this lurid, ultra violent thriller from director Gerald Johnson floats between drug-infused reverie and the gritty West London world of hardened cops and criminals with ease, making for a stylish and distinctive entry in the British crime genre.


Gerard Johnson




United Kingdom


Tribeca Film

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