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I Am a Knife with Legs (2014)

Musical, Comedy, Action 1h 23m 2014

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_“I really can’t describe I AM A KNIFE WITH LEGS, and that’s okay. An accurate description wouldn’t even convey the absurdity of I AM A KNIFE WITH LEGS. You just have to experience it.” _- CraveOnline

_“After all the huffing and puffing, Jones and Co. have created an original work of comedy, and an outsider movie with real sense of itself.” _-Indiewire

_“A wonderfully strange and deliriously funny low-budget offering” _- Screen International

Hiding in an undisclosed Los Angeles apartment is international Europop star Bené (writer/director/producer/composer/editor/sound designer Bennett Jones). He’s dealing with a host of problems: his girlfriend was recently killed by a suicide bomber, a fatwa has been issued against him, and his delicious looking eclair is, sadly, “weird.” With only his manager Beefy to keep him company, Bené develops security strategies and disguises, writes songs and plays with his neighbor’s cat as he waits for the inevitable onslaught of would-be assassins.

Seven years and hundreds of dollars in the making, I AM A KNIFE WITH LEGS is an underground cinema wonder. Utilizing random scribbled animation, multiple Adobe After-Effects freeware plugins and, most importantly, comedic timing of proportions rivaling Bené’s songwriting abilities, it lacks anything resembling a dull moment; a rare occurrence when a film is this intentionally batshit weird. Bennett Jones’ fatwa against all preconceived notions of traditional narrative and filmmaking is truly impossible to describe (did I mention it’s a musical?) and is a refreshing reminder that creativity is the most important ingredient in entertainment.


Bennett Jones




United States


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