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I Am Not Your Negro

1h 33m Documentary 2016

This vital adaptation of the late James Baldwin's writing on race relations posits that the more things change in America, the more they stay the same

Academy Award nominee - Best Documentary Feature

  1. 1966. 2016. 2020. I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, an adaptation of writing by the late, great author James Baldwin, posits that the more things change in American race relations the more they stay the same.

Baldwin was writing in 1970, but his concerns about the status and the future of his people are as searingly current today as they were in the immediate aftermath of the Civil Rights Era. Filmmaker Raoul Peck weaves modern and period footage together to show us how far we have not come since the deaths of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

A brilliant, engrossing, important and beautifully crafted film, I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO is the kind of movie that enhances and advances the conversation. Be a part of it.


Raoul Peck


James Baldwin






Magnolia Pictures

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