I Drink Your Blood (1970)

  • Horror
  • 1h 23m

After consuming rabies-infected meat pies, an LSD-crazed hippie cult goes on a vicious murdering rampage! Heavily censored since its original release, the infamous landmark of cinematic brutality is being presented for the VERY FIRST TIME in America in all its blood-spattered glory.

Grindhouse Releasing’s acclaimed release is the only authorized release of the uncut I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, featuring long-lost scenes restored with the participation of director David E. Durston.

“Breakneck-paced, edge of the seat entertainment. Well written and superbly directed by David Durston and stunningly photographed by Jacques Demarecaux.” — Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“Durston directs with a raw force and pace.” — Joe Dante

“It’s fast, unrelentingly violent and sexually explicit, with a shock every few minutes.” — Bill Landis, SLEAZOID EXPRESS


David E. Durston








Grindhouse Releasing

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