Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

  • Action, Adventure
  • 1h 58m

Harrison Ford returns as the titular professor/hero Indiana Jones in the second installment of this legendary franchise. It’s got shootouts, it’s got crocodiles, and it’s got the least sanitary open-heart surgery in cinema history.

After a deal for an artifact in Hong Kong goes south, Indy and his best pal, Short Round, are on the run with a lavish nightclub singer they picked up along the way. When their plane crashes in a small town in India, Indy takes it upon himself to investigate their case of missing children as he searches for the mystical Shankara Stones.

Chilled monkey brains, bugs galore and a terrifying guy who will literally rip the heart out of your chest follow in one of the greatest action adventure follow ups of all-time.


Steven Spielberg






United States

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