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Invasion of the Scream Queens

1h 22m Documentary 1992

A tell-all documentary that takes you back to a time when “Scream Queens” ruled the video store shelves and left fright fans clamoring for more!

Directed by cult horror icon Donald Farmer (DEMON QUEEN; SAVAGE VENGEANCE) and featuring rare interviews with legendary ladies like Michelle Bauer, Brinke Stevens, Mary Woronov, Melissa Moore, Camille Keaton, and more!

Hear tales of their first films, experiences on set, and the drive to become the signature blood-soaked stars of the video era! Insightful, funny, and fascinating, INVASION OF THE SCREAM QUEENS is the ultimate experience for lovers of the fierce femme fatales of low-budget cinema!

“…An interesting and amusing trip down memory lane.” -

**NOTE!: **This title was curated by the rewind-inclined minds at LUNCHMEAT, the most bodacious destination for the appreciation, celebration, and preservation of VHS and video store culture.


Donald Farmer




United States


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