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Invincible Armour

1h 30m Kung Fu 1977

Action choreography by Yuen Wu Ping, early cameos by Yuen Biao and Corey Yuen, a spaghetti western score and retractable gonads!

Hwang Jang-Lee is one of the legends of kung fu cinema. Nicknamed the king of the leg fighters, he was one of most powerful kickers both on and off screen. He’s most famous for portraying the villain in Jackie Chan’s two breakout films: Yuen Wu Ping’s SNAKE IN EAGLE’S SHADOW and DRUNKEN MASTER.

Yuen Wu Ping also choreographed the stunning action sequences in INVINCIBLE ARMOUR which came out a year before Jackie’s breakout hits. Beyond Yuen Wu Ping’s involvement, there’s lots to love about this film: cameos by young Corey Yuen and Yuen Biao, a spaghetti western score completely lifted from Day of Anger, but the cherry on top is Hwang Jang-Lee’s “invincible armour” technique itself. Although you will find it is not exactly 100% invincible. There’s one little weak spot - the gonads, but luckily for our titular villain, he also has the power to suck up his weak spot into some mystery crevice in his undercarriage.


See-Yuen Ng


English (dubbed)


Hong Kong


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