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Ishtar (1987)

Comedy 1h 47m 1987

Written and directed by Elaine May (THE HEARTBREAK KID, MIKEY AND NICKY), ISHTAR stars Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman as the hack songwriting duo Rogers & Clarke, two lovable losers who restart their lives to pursue their musical dreams. A chance booking in Ishtar puts them in the middle of geo-political intrigue anchored by CIA pencil pusher Charles Grodin and freedom fighter Isabelle Adjani.

Critically-savaged and sabotaged by its own studio, ISHTAR has long stood as a pinnacle of Hollywood failure – a notoriously difficult production gone amok in a generation of audiences concerned with box office receipts. But, as the dust settles, ISHTAR stands as a shaggy road comedy that peers into the creative process and partnerships with razor wit and insight.


Elaine May







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