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Jallikattu (2019)

Crime, Drama 1h 35m 2019

Deep in the forests that dominate the South Indian state of Kerala, life rolls along at the same pace that it has for decades. However, in this rural town, the monotony is about to be shattered by the act of one stubborn buffalo who’s not prepared to meet his maker. When this magnificent beast escapes the chopping block, it sends an entire region into panic as they scramble to subdue him before he destroys everything they’ve built.

Deftly transitioning between an artistic expression of the visual and aural rhythms of village life and the testosterone-driven madness of the hunt, JALLIKATTU begs the question: Where the hell did Lijo Jose Pellissery come from and why am I just now hearing about him? A masterclass in orchestrating a kind of action you’ve never seen before, Pellissery’s direction is a jaw-dropping example of a world-class talent hiding in plain sight. Oh, and watch out for that ending, it’s a goddamned doozy. (Josh Hurtado, Fantastic Fest)








Drafthouse Films, Opus Penta, XYZ Films

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