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John Lewis: Good Trouble (2020)

Documentary 1h 36m 2020

“An intimate homage to both the legend and the man, as spry and lively as Lewis himself.” - Christy Lemire,

In her intimate account of legendary U.S. Representative John Lewis’s life and legacy, director Dawn Porter takes us through his more than 60 years of extraordinary activism — from the bold teenager on the front lines of the Civil Rights movement to the legislative powerhouse he was until his final days.

After Lewis petitioned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to help integrate a segregated school in his hometown of Troy, Alabama, King sent “the boy from Troy” a round trip bus ticket to meet with him. From that meeting onward, Lewis became one of King’s closest allies. He organized Freedom Rides that left him bloodied or jailed, and stood at the front lines in the historic marches on Washington and Selma. Lewis continued to protect civil rights through 2020 as a sitting Member of Congress. He never lost the spirit of the “boy from Troy” and always called on his fellow Americans to get into “good trouble.” JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE is a moving tribute to the real-life hero at the forefront of many hard-won battles for lasting change.


Dawn Porter






Magnolia Pictures

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