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Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl (2020)

Documentary, Biography, Music 1h 29m 2020

”…endearing in its frankness: a profile of a star after her return from the firmament.” - The New York Times

“Spectacular… A real eye opener.” – Lily Allen

“The unsquashable singer vs the music industry” – Financial Times

From platinum recording artist to punk renegade to TV wrestling queen on GLOW, all on her own terms, Kate Nash’s story brings out the badass in every viewer.

At 18, Kate Nash reached the stratosphere of pop music, vaulting from a working-class family in North London into worldwide tours, a platinum record, and a season dominating the music charts. Right from the start, she speaks her mind — in an industry where honesty is not rewarded.

Fast forward to ten years later: Kate is forced to sell her clothes and to take a job as a Star Wars merch hawker on a geek QVC show. Kate is breaking down, nearly homeless.

After hitting bottom, she rises out of the darkness by crowd-funding her third album, using the uplifting power of online culture and her own authentic voice. She pursues acting to keep making art (and a living) and lands a part on the TV series GLOW as Britannica. Kate’s journey is an inspiring call to the creative heart in all of us: be fearless.

The documentary is uniquely structured around songs and lyrics, morphing as they are written and performed by Kate Nash to give insights into the unfolding story, overlapping and intertwining with high-octane concerts, intimate video journals and musical numbers.

“There aren’t that many documentaries that go into the music business as it is now, that are this transparent about how it works.” – Rolling Stone


Kate Nash


Amy Goldstein




United Kingdom, United States

Bonus Content

Performance and Q&A with Kate Nash and director Amy Goldstein


Kate Nash performs a handful of songs and answers questions that were coming in from live viewers at the online premiere of KATE NASH: UNDERESTIMATE THE GIRL on May 23, 2020.

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