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Kill and Kill Again (1981)

Action, Exploitation 1h 40m 1981

_“Classic blue jeans and boots kung fu.” _- Klon Waldrip, Mutant Remains fanzine

The bonkers sequel to KILL OR BE KILLED, KILL AND KILL AGAIN feels like a lo-fi A-TEAM on steroids. In a plot straight out of a Nintendo game, world renowned scientist Dr. Horatio Kane is kidnapped. He is then forced to create an army of martial arts warriors to take over the world. The doctors’ daughter, Kandy Kane (yes, that’s her name), enlists the help of bad boy Steve Chase — a nunchaku-wielding mega-man who resembles a third cousin of Kenny Powers from EASTBOUND AND DOWN. Will Chase save the day? Will Kandy fall in love? Will a gorilla show up and destroy a helicopter with its bare hands? Yes, yes, and yes.


Ivan Hall




South Africa



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